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Floral Waxes

Floral waxes are a by-product of the production of absolutes and are solid and aromatic waxes. Use these delicate waxes to create luscious lip balms, exotic solid perfumes and exquisite salves and ointments.

Please note these are, for the most part, very hard. It is recommended that you melt the amount you need at very low temperature in a microwave or in a double boiler, it is not recommended that the wax be placed in a pan directly on the heat as this may cause the wax to burn or scorch; this could be dangerous and a waste of money.

Once you have melted the amount of wax you need, you may add a small amount of warmed oil such as jojoba and mix well. Pour into your container and use it as solid perfume or lip balm.

If you wish to add the melted pure wax to your creams and lotions, follow the instructions for melting the wax and add the melted wax to the oil phase of your recipe.

You may also add the melted pure wax to cold process soap mixture. Keep in mind that by adding wax to a soap mixture the resulting bar may be a harder bar of soap and that the color of the mixture may also change slightly based on the coloring of the wax.

If you need only a few small pieces of wax, you can shave off a few slivers or slices with a sharp knife. The wax is gently enough to apply anywhere on the skin of adults.

More information:

Flowers that are too delicate to be steam distilled must be extracted using a solvent. Once the flowers are mixed with the solvent the resulting substance is called a floral concrete. Using high proof (95%) alcohol, the flowers are mixed with the solvent and chilled. When the compounds separate once the mixture cools, the compounds are filtered and the wax is collected.

Floral waxes are plant waxes, theyメre not mixed with any other waxes such as beeswax. Use in proportions of up to 10% in creams, salves, pomades, candles and lotions. Floral waxes are also used to create solid perfumes by combining with other waxes and the natural fragrances of essential oils. Floral waxes will add thickness and scent to the finished product. In soaps, floral waxes could create a harder bar of soap. One ounce of floral wax equals approximately ᄑ oz. of an absolute. For ease of dilution, place pieces or slivers of cold wax in warm carrier oil until softened and diluted. If you have further questions, please join our Forum on our Home page and post your questions directly on the Forum. The Forum also offers an extensive library of information and recipes.