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We know many of our customers try to budget their purchases of ingredients and raw materials in order to create products they may sell to their customers or which they may use within their own families.

To assist customers with their budgets we offer a large number of products in BULK at discounted prices. For example, one pound of an essential oil could sell for $16.50 while ten pounds of the same oil sells for $139.50. That’s $16.50 per pound vs. $13.95 per pound when the oil is purchased in bulk. The savings in this case would be $25.50.

Camden-Grey is your one-stop shop for bulk essential oils online, bulk natural oils, discounted bulk essential oils and to buy Dead Sea salts in bulk.

Since bulk products are further discounted, they do not earn reward points. However, you may redeem earned reward points on future orders which include the purchase of bulk products.

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