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In late 1997 when we began studying aromatherapy, we came across a very small number of online vendors in this field. The Internet was still quite new and it was hard to find the type of information one easily finds online now.

As we became more and more interested in aromatherapy, we began studying those vendors and purchasing from them. After a few months of doing this, we realized that the price disparities from vendor to vendor were huge in many cases. Where you would find one vendor charging 50 cents for a cobalt blue bottle, another vendor would charge $1.25 for the same bottle. The same applied to oils, one vendor would charge $3 for a certain size of an essential oil while another vendor would charge $10 for the same size. Unfortunately, this continues to be a common practice among some vendors.

A lightbulb went off in our heads: We had learned firsthand about the benefits of aromatherapy, yet, here we were, with many years of experience between the two of us having worked for major corporations, having owned other successful businesses, living in one of the main U.S. hubs for international trade and we continued to spend lots of money on aromatherapy products from vendors who showed no consistency when it came to pricing.

Since 1998 we have strived to become the leader in price, quality and selection. We have achieved our goal. We're now the largest East Coast supplier of aromatherapy and raw materials in the U.S. and our international base continues to grow. We continue to count among our customers a very large proportion of satisfied, repeat customers. Some customers have been with us since we first opened in late 1998.

This will be our 18th year in business and we're proud of this accomplishment. If you're a repeat customer, we thank you immensely for your continued patronage and referrals. If you're a new customer, we hope to be able to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied, repeat customers.

Hector & Vivian
Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

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