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About Us

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting! On this page we provide a brief detail of how we began and what we offer.

The words Essential Oil are a part of our company name. Our family-owned business began in 1998 in Miami offering 15 essential oils of the highest quality sourced worldwide from small and large distillers. Sourcing worldwide back then wasn’t easy using dial-up, having only Yahoo as a reliable search engine, not being able to accept payments online or to add products to a shopping cart, etc. We’ve all come a long way!

Through these 25 years we've developed excellent, long-lasting relationships with numerous suppliers and growers. Besides essential oils, we offer hundreds of other high quality ingredients carefully and ethically sourced from numerous worldwide partners and offered to our customers at competitive prices.

We’ve remained steadfast through 9/11, Florida hurricanes, the recession of 2007-2009 and Covid. We now continue moving forward during the uncertainty of our country’s current political and financial crises.

We’re thankful for the many customers whose orders we’ve had the pleasure of fulfilling since the start as well as very grateful for all the new customers who discover our company every day.

We operate out of a fully air-conditioned warehouse in Naples, FL. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We may be reached via the Contact Us page of our website.