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Shipping Policies


DELIVERY TIME: Most U.S. orders shipped via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery will be delivered 2 to 5 business days from ship date. Most orders within Florida are delivered next day via ground service. FedEx will email you with tracking information once we create your shipping label. Local pickups are available for export orders and only for confirmed freight forwarders.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that whenever we use the term S&H it means Shipping and Handling. Clientes internacionales deseamos explicarles que cuando usamos el termino S&H nos referimos a gastos de embarque.

ADDRESS PROBLEMS: If an order ships to the wrong address because of customer error, we may be able to have the carrier reroute the shipment if we are notified promptly. There will be a minimum $14 charge for a rerouted shipment which will be passed on to you, we’ll charge the card you used for the order. If the carrier is not able to reroute the shipment but you still want the order after it’s returned to us, we'll have to wait for the original package to arrive at our warehouse, affix a corrected label and charge new S&H which will then include the carrier's charge for having returned the package to us. If the carrier must correct the address, a minimum $14 charge will be applied to the order, we’ll charge the card you used for the order. You are responsible for providing correct and clear shipping information.

The easiest way to order on our site and to avoid entering wrong information or misspellings is by creating an account. Once an account is created with correct information, the only other information you must enter for future orders is the payment information. Our system retains shipping/billing information, not payment information. Our site is completely secure, we do not sell or share your information. By ordering under an account, you’ll earn Reward Points on qualifying orders. If the order is not placed under an account, Reward Points will not be awarded, no exceptions. We will not apply reward points manually after an order is placed.

BUSINESS OR RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS? Please select either of these choices as you proceed through checkout and please select the correct one.

DAMAGED SHIPMENTS, MISSING/WRONG ITEMS, WRONG ZIP, ETC.: If the carrier delivers a parcel which is visibly damaged, crushed or wet, we suggest the delivery be refused. If, upon delivery, damaged items are found inside a box which appeared outwardly undamaged, we request that we be notified via email, that you promptly send us photos of the damaged box and contents and that the carrier also be notified of the damage; the carrier may ask you to keep the box and the contents intact in case they wish to conduct an inspection.

We allow 48 hours from receipt of a shipment for customers to notify us via email of the problem. Email notification of damages, along with photos, is required by us. Email: Failure to notify us within 48 hours of receipt of a damaged shipment will void any claims made by you. We will do our best to re-ship promptly whatever was damaged in transit; however, we are not able to replace damaged items via air services. If an item is missing from a shipment or if we sent the wrong item/size/etc., we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment. When the issue is a wrong item/qty. we request that you email us photos showing the a full view of the product(s) including the product’s label. We will not accept damaged/missing/wrong item reports once the 48 hours are up.

NOTE: Very small items such as tiny vials of essential oils are usually placed inside a red ziplock bag to make it stand out among all packing materials, this bag also prevents tiny items from getting lost among all the packing materials. FYI: Two separate clerks handle each order. One prepares the order, one packs. Both check off each item in the order’s paperwork and write the # of items in the order + their initials. Customers who believe a product ordered was not shipped....please note that if our paperwork confirms twice that the product was included & shipped we will not ship a replacement. Please check all of the contents of the shipping box including packing peanuts and other materials. It’s not unusual for a customer to email us later to inform us they found the ‘missing’ item or that they found it with the packing peanuts they had already discarded.

FEDEX SMARTPOST SHIPMENTS: As of March 2017 in order to contain shipping costs and not have to pass excess shipping to our customers, we began using FedEx SmartPost for our reduced S&H option of $10.50. SmartPost uses USPS for the final portion of a parcel’s travel. If you’re not able to receive mail delivery at the shipping address provided to us, please inform us in the Notes section of our order form to avoid having a parcel returned. If we ship to you via SmartPost but were not informed via the order form that you cannot receive mail delivery at the shipping address you provided, subsequent shipping of the same (returned) postal parcel will be at your expense. Keep in mind when deciding your shipping option that SmartPost takes longer to deliver than FedEx Ground or Home Delivery. To track a SmartPost shipment, copy your tracking number and paste it into the FedEx website tracking space at

HANDLING CHARGE: All our shipments have a handling charge built into the S&H quote provided by our cart (except our Reduced Rate Shipping quotes), the handling charge is per parcel in a shipment. In many instances we absorb the handling charge when Reduced Rate Shipping is offered to the customer. Should final S&H for non-Reduced Rate Shipping be more than our cart estimated, we’ll either charge the card on file or, if you paid with PayPal, ask you to disburse the needed funds via PayPal before we can ship. Non-Reduced Rate Shipping: Should a shipment require more than one box or very large boxes or unusual amounts of cushioning materials we will charge the card on file for any additional shipping and/or handling charges due. Final S&H cannot be obtained until an order is processed, packed and weighed.

HAZARDOUS/FLAMMABLE MATERIALS VIA MAIL OR INTERNATIONALLY: Products clearly marked with a green/white notice of SHIPS GROUND ONLY must not be ordered if the order will ship to a freight forwarder. If you insist on ordering clearly marked hazmat items for an order that will ship to a foreign country or to a freight forwarder, you will have to replace the hazmat items in the order with non-hazmat items that add up closely in price to the same dollar amount as the hazmat items, the maximum number of replacement products we’ll accept is three. As of Sept. 2018 we no longer process & ship export orders which include hazmat items.

If you insist on ordering clearly marked hazmat/flammable items for an order that will ship to a foreign country, you must replace the hazmat items in the order with non-hazmat items that add up closely in price to the same dollar amount as the hazmat items, the maximum number of replacement products we’ll accept is three. As of Sept. 2018 we no longer process & ship export orders which include hazmat items.

HAZMATS TO AK, HI, PR and VI via USPS: Via USPS....We’ll review your order and decide if we’re willing to rebottle the hazmat items into individual 1 oz. amber glass bottles and then ship. The rebottling fee is 75 cents per bottle, this amount will be charged separately & manually to the card used for the order. If the quantity to be rebottled is too great, your order may require more than one box to ship, we’ll charge the card on file for any additional S&H amount due us. PayPal orders do not qualify for this service. If we choose not to rebottle the hazmat products, you must provide non-hazmat substitutes for the hazmat products, we will not take a monetary loss because properly marked hazmat items were ordered when they shouldn’t have been. The order will not ship until you’ve provided us with the substitutes. The maximum number of replacement products we’ll accept is three.

The way to avoid this complication is to NOT order hazmat items if your order will ship via USPS. Via Ocean....Because you’ll probably use a shipping line or forwarder to handle your ocean shipment, we cannot legally ship hazmat items to either. Please do not order any product marked with Ships Ground Only if your shipment will ship via ocean 100% or if a portion of its travel will be via ocean. As of Sept. 2018 we no longer process & ship export orders which include hazmat items.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We ship worldwide. Our shopping cart is set up to provide an estimate of S&H via FedEx Air. The customer is responsible for all import duties, brokerage fees and taxes upon arrival at the country of destination. Canadian customers will be billed separately (after we ship and receive a FedEx invoice) for any future Canadian clearance fees the shipment is assessed, even if we’re billed by FedEx several weeks after we ship. If we’re invoiced by the carrier for any additional fees for your shipment, we will charge the card on file for the additional amount. We do not prepare NAFTA forms, please do not ask.

Please note that hazardous materials regulations apply to air & ocean shipments. We ask that all customers located outside the U.S. mainland pay particular attention to the green/white hazmat text by each hazmat item. Position your mouse over the ? mark so you can read the full explanation. Our shopping cart is set up to provide a S&H quote for international shipments via FedEx Air, but we won't know exactly how much S&H charges will actually be until the order is packed and weighed. We will charge the card on file for any additional funds due for S&H. If you paid via PayPal we will ask you to disburse additional funds required for us to ship, we do not accept order cancellations because you do not agree with final S&H costs. Please make sure you fully understand our policies before ordering.

LOCAL ORDERS: Pick up option's not available, we’re not open to the public, all orders placed will ship.

LOST SHIPMENTS: If during checkout you selected our SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY option, as soon as we're informed that a shipment may be lost within the carrier's system or has not been delivered by the carrier by the expected delivery date, we will proceed to contact the carrier who will place a tracer on the package. The carrier asks that we allow 8 business days for a tracer to be completed. On numerous occasions a package has turned up before the 8 days are up. Please be advised that regardless of whatever upcoming function you may have for which the lost products are needed we cannot replace a lost shipment using air service unless the carrier agrees to absorb the cost for air service. Note also that once a tracer is initiated we cannot send a replacement shipment but must wait for the tracer to be completed. We did not lose or mis-deliver the parcel, the carrier did, please do not blame us for this type of situation. You might also want to read the paragraph titled SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY which appears further below. If you do not purchase our "signature upon delivery" option we'll not be able to assist you with a claim against the carrier, please become familiar with this option. The loss will then become a matter to be resolved between you and the carrier, we will not be involved at all in resolving the issue.

PRECAUTIONS: We will not be responsible for any empty or filled bottle which breaks or explodes after receipt. We recommend that none of our products be left in a hot car or in the sun as they will be affected and some might even explode. Before you fill any of our empty containers, please check them over carefully. When the bottles and jars left our warehouse they were in perfect condition without cracks or breaks. We take great care in packaging fragile items in order to prevent breakage while in transit to the customer. However, sometimes products such as glass bottles or glass jars or rigid plastic jars may develop hairline cracks during transit and when the customer fills them with liquids they notice that the jar or bottle may leak.

Should this occur, the customer needs to contact the carrier who delivered the package, initiate a claim and then notify us via email or fax so there's a written record of the problem. Once the claim has been approved by the carrier we can proceed to replace the items involved in the claim, not before. If too much time has elapsed since the package was delivered and you failed to report or notice any defects, the carrier may not honor the claim and this is why we strongly encourage all customers to go through their complete shipment upon delivery, not weeks or months later. All essential oils shipped in pharmaceutical grade amber bottles or in other plastic containers must be transferred to amber glass upon arrival, it's not recommended that they be stored in plastic bottles or containers indefinitely. These bottles are fine for a short transit time but not for extended storage.

PROCESSING TIME: Please read the paragraph titled "Delivery Time" which appears at the beginning of this Shipping section. Please understand how we log in and process orders. Most of the time, we strive to ship within 2 business days of an order being logged into our system. However, as also mentioned in this page, our turnaround time may increase or decrease based on order volume and time of year and is always posted at the top of all our pages.

Orders are logged in the next business day after they're placed. Orders received on Fridays, holidays, on days we’re closed or weekends are logged in the next business day. There are times when order processing may be additionally delayed due to an extremely high volume of orders, to holidays or to weather conditions; we appreciate your understanding when this occurs.

During very heavy periods, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, the months of September thru early January, Mother's Day, as well as when we close during holidays or offer discount promotions, customers must allow additional days for an order to be processed and shipped; please plan your orders accordingly. We offer a Rush service which you may select upon checkout. Please remember that you must allow time-in-transit for an order to reach you, we're located in SW Florida, zip code 33912 Please do not wait until the last minute to place your order, please plan your purchases so you will not be disappointed should a delay occur in order processing, if an item is out of stock or if your shipment is damaged, lost or delayed due to weather.

PUERTO RICO SHIPMENTS: It is imperative that you supply us with the "urbanizacion" for street addresses in Puerto Rico (PR) if we’re to ship to a street address. If we’re to ship to a PR P.O. Box we don’t require the urbanizacion. We would prefer that you provide us with a p. o. box where to ship. Please provide a correct email address with your order and be sure to check your emails daily until your shipment arrives. Email is the only method through which we'll contact you. NOTE: 35 lb. pails cannot ship via USPS, only via FedEx Ground. Please also read further above the portion that starts with HAZMATS TO AK, HI, PR and VI via USPS.

REDUCED S&H OPTION: This rate is usually $10.50 and will be offered only to Ground/Home Delivery shipments within the contiguous U.S. with a dollar value in products of up to $199.99. Orders with products valued at $200.00+ are not eligible for the reduced S&H option. We will ship reduced rate S&H orders via FedEx SmartPost, we may even ship via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery in very few instances; keep in mind that SmartPost takes longer to deliver than FedEx Home Delivery or Ground. When you select our reduced S&H option, you must be patient with your parcel's delivery. How we ship reduced rate S&H orders depends mainly on shipping costs. If your shipping address does not accept postal deliveries and you select our reduced $10.50 S&H option, you MUST inform us in the Notes section of the order form to avoid incurring additional charges for a returned postal shipment. Please be aware of this before you proceed with the order.

The $10.50 rate will be automatically offered to you by our cart if the order qualifies, meaning the parcel must weigh less than 3 lbs. once packed and meet the dollar value requirements. This does not mean you can order up to 3 lbs. in products. This means the order, once packed, must weigh under 3 lbs. You must take into consideration the bottles and jars in which products are packed as well as packing materials and the weight of the packing box. Should the product(s) you ordered require us to use a large box, this will increase overall S&H costs because the carrier charges for parcels based on weight, box dimensions and delivery zip code. Should this occur, we’ll charge the card on file for the difference between the $10.50 our cart quoted and actual S&H costs. Please be fully aware of this which could occur in very rare instances. This rate is not available in conjunction with discount codes or other promotions. When a promotion’s taking place you must decide if you prefer the promotional discount offered at that time or the $10.50 S&H option, you cannot receive both. If both should be offered by our cart in error, we’ll manually remove the one that provides you with the least savings and we’ll charge the card on file for the reversal.

REFUSED SHIPMENTS: Should delivery of a shipment be refused for any reason not authorized by us, these are the charges you will incur: (1) Order cancellation fee of $20.00 for any returned/refused shipment. (2) Restocking charges of 20% on all products in the order. (3) Whatever the carrier charges for returning the refused shipment to us. The balance, if any, will be returned to you approximately within 14 business days of our receipt of the returned/refused shipment.

REROUTED SHIPMENTS: If you ask the carrier to re-route a shipment to an address other than the one which appears on your original order, your credit card will be charged a minimum of $14 per re-routed parcel. If you paid with PayPal we'll ask you to disburse the additional funds due so we may continue processing your future orders. If the package requires a signature upon delivery and you ask the carrier to re-route the package so you can sign for it elsewhere, this is considered a re-routed shipment and you customer will be charged separately for this service.

RETURNED ORDERS: Shipments returned to us by the carrier for any reason that’s not the fault of Camden-Grey will remain unopened for up to 15 days at our warehouse until you contact us or reply to our email and make new delivery arrangements. You will also be responsible for return shipping costs to us by the carrier. As posted throughout our site and as you were informed during checkout, we do not allow cancellations; therefore, a returned order will not be cancelled and will remain at our warehouse until the customer contacts us during the mentioned 15 days. After 15 days of the parcel being held at our warehouse, we will dismantle the shipment and mark the invoice “closed”. A refund will be issued based on all the terms explained in the REFUSED SHIPMENTS paragraph.

RUSH ORDERS: Should you require that your order be rushed and shipped sooner than our posted time, please select our Rush option during checkout. The cut-off time for Rush requests is 7:30 a.m. ET to move your order ahead of all others. We use the U.S. postal service for shipments to U.S. possessions and territories including AK, HI, PR and VI and APO’s. A Rush shipment cannot ship via USPS the same day the order is placed, we must schedule a pick up online and wait for USPS to show up the next business day. If you want your order to ship the same day under our Rush guidelines, you must select the FedEx option. The Rush fee will not be refunded because USPS did not show up for the pick up as they agreed to, we do not control USPS, sometimes it takes them 1-3 business days to show up for a scheduled pickup. Please be sure you understand this.

SALES TAX EXPORT ORDERS:: Our cart is set up to charge Florida sales tax for all shipments within Florida UNLESS you enter your sales tax number into the appropriate blank space during checkout. Once the number is entered the cart will not charge sales tax. If yours will be an export order which (1) we’ll ship to your freight forwarder (2) your forwarder will pick up at our warehouse or (3) Camden-Grey will ship directly to you in your country, please enter 99999999 into the FL sales tax field to avoid being charged FL sales tax. Once charged, Florida sales tax will not be refunded.

SHIPPING CHARGES: S&H charges are never refundable. The shopping cart provides a fairly accurate estimate of S&H charges. Due to the nature of our products and the extra care we take in packing, S&H charges initially quoted by our cart may be too low if we find that we had to use several boxes or additional packing materials to properly pack the shipment; we will charge the difference in S&H to the card on file before the order ships. If you paid with PayPal, we will ask you to disburse the balance before we ship. We will not accept a cancellation for an order already packed because you do not agree with final S&H costs. If you overpay for S&H, you will be refunded after we ship. We do not ship under a customer's FedEx account number.

SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY: As a customer goes thru our checkout process, the option of requiring a signature upon delivery (or not) is offered. This is the text all customers see during our checkout: The additional cost for signature upon delivery is $4.50 per parcel in the shipment. If you don't opt for a signature for a residential delivery, the carrier reserves the right to deny a claim if its records confirm the driver delivered an undamaged parcel to the correct address and the parcel was subsequently removed or damaged by a third, unknown party. The carrier will not honor a claim and neither will Camden-Grey. Certain shipments will always require a signature, please review our Shipping Policies if you have questions. This option is not available for SmartPost shipments.

SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS: If you conduct business out of your home, this is considered a residential shipment. All shipments (whether or not you chose and paid during checkout for a signature upon delivery) with products valued over $499.99 will require a signature. If this is an inconvenience if you're not home during the day, perhaps we could ship to your place of business if you will provide this information in the Shipping section of the order form; please include the name of the business. We reserve the right to require a signature on any shipment regardless of value. And so does the delivery driver. The cost for the signature requirement for parcels with $499.99+ in value will be added manually to final S&H. If you owe us an additional sum for S&H, we’ll notify you via a final emailed invoice.

WRONG ITEMS/WRONG ORDER/WEATHER: If you receive someone else's order or wrong items with your order, please do not send the shipment back without first contacting us; please give us an opportunity to research and reply. Should you decide to ship the items back to us without our authorization, you will assume all responsibilities and expenses related to the return shipment in which case we won't be able to reimburse shipping charges you may incur. We are not responsible for weather conditions during transit to you which may affect the products you receive or which may cause your shipment to be delayed during transit. If it's freezing outside, some of your products may arrive frozen and you should leave them at room temperature until they have returned to their normal state. If it's very hot outside, some of your products may arrive fully melted. Set them in a cool place until they return to their normal state. Temperature fluctuations while in transit will not affect any of our raw materials. Returns are not accepted because products arrived frozen or melted.

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? Please visit our FAQ section or email Thanks for visiting us!


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