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Thanks for visiting! On this page we post all SALES & OFFERS. There's NO MINIMUM order requirement when placing non-discounted orders. If you havent' yet signed up for our Newsletter, please sign up further below in the green bottom portion so you can be notified of future promotions, you may unsubscribe at any time.


THE OFFER: Automatically save 13% on $60+ orders, there are no product exclusions.

MAXIMUM SAVINGS: $200.00 per order.

BULK PRODUCTS: Because already-discounted Bulk products are not excluded as they usually are, you will generate even more savings when purchasing those items.

DATES: This offer begins Saturday, 3/23/24 at 4:00 p.m. EST


FYI: This applies to all promotions we may offer: Discount codes are allowed 'one per order' and many times there's a limit of 'one per order and per customer name, email address, shipping/billing address'. At its discretion and after an order is submitted and paid for, Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. may adjust discounts on an order as needed based on abuse/misuse of or malfunctioning promotions. If a discount is improperly applied to an order during checkout, we will correct it and contact the customer regarding the order change and additional funds which may be due. A discount code is not to be redeemed along with points redemption. Should our cart erroneously allow points redemption along with a discount code on an order, we will reverse the lowest savings amount.

We reserve the right to make changes/corrections to any and all promotions at any time without prior notice. Our promotions do not apply to orders placed before or after the dates/times of a published promotion. If a promotion requires a code, it's the customer's responsibility to enter the code during checkout and verify the discount has been applied before paying and submitting the order, we do not apply discounts manually after an order is submitted on our site. If a promotion is automatic and does not require a code, make sure our cart applies the discount before paying for the order because we cannot make any changes to orders once they’re submitted and paid for. During ‘free product with purchase’ promotions there’s a limit of one free product per customer/per order.

Reward points are not to be redeemed along with a discount promotion. Should our cart erroneously allow the redemption of points, we will contact the customer before processing the order to announce the required reversal.

(Rev. 3/23/24)