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We work Monday - Thursday, are closed and do not ship on Fridays. Our website is open 24/7 to serve your requirements. We're not open to the public.

Once you ask us to process an order you agree to all the terms outlined in our Terms & Conditions and Shipping Policies pages. All sales are final. Once an order's submitted and paid for changes or cancellations are not accepted.

Purchasers are responsible for the use or misuse of any product purchased from Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. (Camden-Grey). Camden-Grey is not responsible for end products which do not turn out as you expected nor will Camden-Grey be responsible if you applied a product to skin or hair without first properly diluting the product or without first researching how the product should be used, i.e. applying undiluted fragrance or essential oils to the skin.

Photos on our site are representative of the products in general, but may not exactly portray the products currently in stock including color or texture. Customers should create an account & then save their Wish List/Basket so they do not lose its contents should there be a problem during checkout. .

CANCELLATIONS: Once an order is submitted it cannot be cancelled and will ship as placed. All orders placed will ship, including duplicate orders. Please make sure you intend to place an order before you enter your payment information on our site & submit the order. Within minutes of order placement customers are emailed an order confirmation, please check your junk folder for this confirmation in the event our notification ended up there.

DELIVERY TIME: Most U.S. orders shipped via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery will be delivered 2-5 business days from ship date weather & road conditions permitting. Any delays while in transit are the responsibility of the carrier, please contact the carrier directly, FedEx 1-800-463-3339 in U.S. We do not ship under a customer's account number.

ADDITIONS/CHANGES TO ORDERS: Once an order's paid for and submitted we cannot make any changes. If you require additional items after submitting an order, a second order should be placed which will ship separately if it's not a Free Shipping order. More than one Free Shipping order (when free S&H is offered) placed by one customer will, in most cases, ship together.

BOTTLING: Essential oils in 1/32 oz. to 1/4 oz. are bottled in amber glass vials with orifice reducers; essential oils in ½ oz. to 2 oz. are bottled in amber glass bottles with white caps and Eurodroppers; essential oils in 4 oz. are bottled in amber glass bottles with black caps and without orifice reducers; essential oils in 7 oz. are bottled in aluminum bottles; essential oils in quantities of 15 oz. are bottled in amber glass bottles with black caps; essential oils in quantities of 10 & 25 lbs. are dispensed in HDPE plastic containers with wide mouths although, occasionally, 25 lbs. may be dispensed in factory-issued metal containers with pouring spouts. 28 lbs. of carrier oils or other liquids are dispensed in individual HDPE plastic gallon containers with handles, each holding 7 lbs. net weight of liquid.

28 lbs. of carrier oils or other liquids are dispensed in individual HDPE plastic gallon containers with handles, each holding 7 lbs. net weight of liquid. Other sizes of liquids are also bottled in plastic.

30+ lbs. of any carrier oil, other liquids, soft butters, Castile gel and others are dispensed in plastic HDPE pails w/metal handles & pouring spouts in the lid; those products may remain inside the pails indefinitely when properly stored. After Covid, we reserve the right to use any packaging/dispensing container available to us and not mentioned above because it continues to be difficult many times to restock the same packaging container or material used in the past.

NOTE: An EO may safely remain inside an aluminum container for up to 3 months, but if storing longer than 3 months the oil should be transferred to amber glass.

Fragrances and carrier oils up to 8 lbs. may remain inside HDPE plastic bottles indefinitely. If the customer at any time feels more comfortable transferring a product to glass this should be done. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISPENSED BY WEIGHT, THUS, SOME CONTAINERS MAY BE FILLED HIGHER THAN OTHERS DEPENDING ON THE WEIGHT AND VISCOSITY OF EACH PRODUCT.

CATALOGUE: We do not have a paper catalogue, everything we offer is on our site.

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS: (1) Please locate the product on our website, go to the product’s page and scroll down to where you see some tabs. Select the Documents tab. If there’s an SDS and/or CofA mentioned in that tab, you may download and print the document at your end. If you don’t see either listed or only see one or the other, please email us to inform us and request the document you require. (2) If receiving a CofA is extremely important for you, before placing an order please follow the steps in item #1 to verify a CofA is already posted on our website. If one isn’t posted, email us to ask if we have a CofA for the product so you won’t be disappointed if there isn’t one. We do not provide CofA's without an order. Other than CofA’s and SDS’s, we do not provide any other documents with a purchase, please do NOT ask us for any other statements such as IFRA, allergen statement, vegan, non-cruelty, etc., we do not provide those.

CREDITS & DEBITS: Refunds are processed once a week. Please allow 3 weeks from shipping date or cancel date or if a product cannot be obtained for an invoice/transaction to be finalized, closed, charged, refunded & emailed to you. We do not process/issue refunds for less than $1.00.

DISCOUNT CODES: During a discount promotion which requires a code, customers must enter the code themselves during checkout in the appropriate discount code space. We do not apply a discount manually after an order is placed. It's the customer's responsibility to follow the terms of a discount offer & to enter the code online when required. All discount codes are one-per-customer, one per billing/shipping address, one per email address.  Discounts will be reversed if they’re applied to more than one order by the same customer. In most cases, a discount may not be combined with other discounts . Please read the terms of each promotion as posted in our Promotions page.

DUPLICATE ORDERS: Please do not place more than one order. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not the first order went thru, please log into your online Camden-Grey account & view your order history. You may also check your credit/debit card transactions to verify if a transaction resulted. You may also email us, we will reply during business hours. Please also check your spam/junk folder, our system immediately emails customers order confirmations once an order is submitted and paid for. Because we do not accept order cancellations, if you place more than one order all orders will ship without further notice. All sales are final.

ERRORS: If you believe that you were sent another product instead of the product you ordered, please complete our online form informing us of the matter & explaining in full detail how you arrived at your determination, i.e. you ordered Rosemary EO but believe you received Eucalyptus EO instead. Please do not make this type of determination by smelling directly from the bottle, you should use a perfume test strip & follow the steps in our online description of our perfume test strips. That’s step #1. Step #2 is to mail us via First Class a very small amount (1/8 oz.) of the product you’re questioning making sure you include the order # in your return address & include a note explaining the matter. We do not issue replacement products until both steps have been completed and we’ve been able to make a determination.

EU ALLERGENS: At this time we don’t provide EU Allergens paperwork or information.

EXPIRATION DATES, LOT NUMBERS, ETC.: Lot numbers and expiration dates are provided for all carrier oils, butters, clays and waxes. For fragrances, the information is provided for quantities of 7+ lbs. For essential oils, the information is provided for individual purchases of $45+. SDS’s and CofA’s are posted on our website in the page where product descriptions appear. Scroll down on that page until you get to a set of tabs, click on the one titled Documents. If at any time you do not find the lot number you seek, please email us during business hours and we’ll reply with our findings.

IFRA: At this time we don’t provide IFRA paperwork or information.

INVOICES/PACKING SLIPS: Are not included with our domestic shipments. Less than a minute after an order is placed online our system automatically emails a copy of the order to the email address you provided under Billing. Please check your spam/junk folder and save and print a copy of the order for your taxes, we do not provide copies of invoices at tax time. Our website provides order history if you order while being logged into your account. Once you log into your account, you may obtain and print copies of past invoices.

LOCAL ORDERS: We are not open to the public, all orders placed will ship. We’re located in Naples, FL.

SDS: We continue working on a project to include Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all products for which the vendor/manufacturer has provided us with this document. Products which are not hazardous do not have or require an SDS. If we’re provided an SDS by the vendor, we’ll gladly post this information on our website & you may print from there. If we’ve not been provided an SDS by the vendor/manufacturer, we cannot provide one to you. If an SDS is extremely important to you, please email us & ask if one’s available before placing an order.

MISLABELED PRODUCTS: On a very rare occasion a customer may receive a mislabeled item. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all items upon receipt & to look at & smell the products to determine if everything ordered was included & is correct. We allow 72 hours from receipt of a shipment to report to us via email errors/problems with a shipment, please include photos with our product labels visible. We do not reimburse customers who use a mislabeled product in their formulation which then ruined other ingredients. We will only refund the price paid for the erroneous product once the customer returns to us the erroneous product, we’ll provide instructions on how to do so. Once the 72 hours are up we cannot accept or resolve reports of a mislabeled or wrong product.

NAFTA FORMS: We do not prepare these forms.

OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: Due to the nature of our business from time to time a product shown as ‘in stock’ on our site could be out of stock when it’s time to process an order, all products are subject to previous sale. For non-bulk items, we will note this on the final, corrected invoice & refund thru the payment method used. Bulk items will ship as soon as new stock arrives at our warehouse and based on the notice the customer’s shown when an order is placed for a bulk item. We’ll ship promptly to you as soon as the new supply arrives at our warehouse. Please keep in mind that we have no control over weather or road condition delays for products shipping to us & products shipping to our customers. Order cancellations are not allowed or accepted because a bulk item did not arrive at our warehouse on or about the expected date but should arrive in a few more days.

PAYMENT METHODS: We accept all major credit/debit cards. PayPal is accepted for domestic orders up to a $600.00 order total. Checks/money orders aren’t accepted. Our site is completely secure. We do not work with purchase orders. We reserve the right to request additional documents and ID for orders with a large dollar value regardless of previous order history. We will ask for additional documentation before we process orders which are red-flagged by our fraud system.

QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS: Since 1998 we’ve been offering pure/undiluted oils & various other products & ingredients of the highest quality. The aroma and/or appearance of any of our natural ingredients may vary with each re-order, we cannot guarantee that the product you order today will look & smell exactly like the one you ordered previously or like the one you ordered from another supplier; natural products come from nature, there is no standardization (by the way, the term ‘natural’ is not currently recognized in the U.S. by any regulatory entity).

The only products that should be the same most of the time are synthetic products such as fragrance & flavor oils. Our warehouse is fully air conditioned 24/7. All our products are fresh, we replenish our stock with regularity as needed. Each order is prepared fresh, products do not sit for months on a shelf pre-poured & pre-packaged.

Essential oils & absolutes do not contain fat, thus, they cannot go rancid, please do not use this term when expressing a concern about essential oils & absolutes. Regarding packaging materials offered for sale, they come to us in bulk from the manufacturer. Once you receive packaging items, please wash & let them dry completely before use.

We are a true essential oil supplier, the words ‘essential oils’ appear in our name. Essential oils are impacted by what is known as terroir, the resultant oil & its properties will vary from crop to crop, weather conditions will impact the color & aroma of an essential oil & so will the country of origin. Before you order a large quantity of any product, please first purchase the smallest size available that meets our ordering requirements. Products are not sent 'for approval', once sold and shipped the product is owned by the customer. All sales are final.

RETURNS: All sales are final, we do not accept returns or order cancellations. During checkout you will be asked to check off a provided block and agree to the text by the block. Before you finalize the order, please make sure you intend to order what you selected. If you've not ordered a product from us before, please order the smallest quantity so you may view, feel and smell the product firsthand. All orders placed will ship exactly as placed, changes are not allowed. We do not accept returns because a product is too thick, the customer couldn’t work with the product or doesn’t like the smell or consistency or for any other reason not related to an error on our part. The raw materials & ingredients we offer are all natural and, as such, will vary in color, consistency & aroma from batch to batch & vendor to vendor. Items such as fragrance oils, polysorbates, etc. are not all natural products, those are manmade. Please do not expect uniformity when ordering natural raw materials. Again, if you’re concerned about how a product might smell or feel, please first order the smallest possible size.

SALES TAX: For Florida tax-exempt customers to not be automatically charged FL sales tax, they must enter their FL sales tax # in the appropriate field during checkout. Once the cart charges sales tax we cannot refund it. Please provide each January, or the first time you order from us, a current Florida Sales Tax Certificate properly filled out & signed. If yours is an export order and/or to be shipped by us to a forwarder of your choice, please enter 999999999 into the FL sales tax field to avoid being charged sales tax. Export orders should not pay sales tax.

SAMPLES: We no longer offer samples on demand. If you require samples of various products, please purchase the smallest sizes offered.

SMELLS & AROMAS: Please note that every product that ships out of our warehouse will have one smell or another, that’s the nature of our business. The smells are, for the most part, impregnated into the packing materials (packing peanuts, bubblewrap, box) & should dissipate soon after arrival. If the smells are unacceptable to you, please remove the products from the shipping box, discard all packing materials (box and peanuts are recyclable) & place the products in an area where they can be aired for a period of time. If you’re concerned about how the smells may become impregnated into the packing materials & box, we suggest you first place a small order & see how you feel about the shipment upon arrival.

TRACKING: A tracking number will be emailed to you directly from FedEx servers once we ship. If your order was just placed or has not yet shipped, there isn’t a tracking number available. Please make sure you provide a correctly-spelled email address; otherwise, you will not be able to receive a tracking notice or any other notice we may have to send related to your order. We seem to have a problem with AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo & other email services to which our customers subscribe, those services may block our emails along with FedEx notices.

THERAPEUTIC or CERTIFIED CLAIMS: We’re not a multi-level company, we do not hire outside salespersons or reps, we don’t try to represent we are what we are not. In most cases, therapeutic or certified claims are made by vendors who try to hype the quality of their products without any substantiating documentation, some of those vendors may be multi-level companies. In the United States there’s no governmental body that certifies essential oils. Whatever terms a vendor uses to promote its essential oils, terms such as ‘therapeutic grade’ ‘certified by’ ‘certified 100% pure’ & so on....those terms are nothing more than marketing terms meant exclusively to confuse the public & to make their company appear better than other companies. The post at this URL is quite interesting, please read it:

TURNAROUND TIME: Most non-bulk orders ship in 1 to 2 business days (we’re closed on Fridays). For bulk items, our cart informs customers when adding the item to the cart of the number of business days customers must allow for the product to arrive at our warehouse. During holiday times, most non-bulk orders ship in 3 to 5 business days.

PRODUCT NOT RECEIVED: An order’s paperwork is first handled by the clerk who prepares the order & then handled by the clerk who packs the order. Each employee, while performing her work, marks on the invoice the products for the order as they’re being prepared. Once she’s done, she places all the items for each order in a transport basket which eventually moves to the packing area. All of our products are prepared fresh, they do not sit on a shelf getting old. The packing clerk then takes the same invoice & checks off each product, compares its name against the product name on the invoice, adds up the number of items to be shipped & packs the shipment. The packing clerk works on one order at a time & never co-mingles orders. Thus, two separate employees will have confirmed that what was ordered is what is shipping.

When a customer contacts us to report that a product is missing, the first thing we do is pull the paperwork to verify that all products ordered were shipped, there could have been an instance of an out-of-stock situation. If our paperwork verifies that all products ordered were shipped, we will not send a replacement of the product the customer informed us wasn’t received.

We’ve had numerous instances where a customer reported an item was not received only to email us later to let us know the item was found or that a child took it out of the box without the adult’s knowledge. We strongly suggest customers check all packing materials before discarding the box & packing materials & that all customers promptly open their boxes & verify that all products ordered were received & are correct. We allow 72 hours from a shipment’s delivery date for us to be notified via email of any problems with an order. Please note that small vials & items are placed inside kraft paper bags or red ziplock bags so they don’t get lost among the packing materials. Again, please thoroughly check all packing materials before you throw them away.

Bulk Orders

WHAT ARE BULK PRODUCTS? In order to offer the greatest savings to our customers we offer a large number of products in bulk with additional discounts built into the sales prices. Customers will experience the greatest savings when purchasing bulk products. The word ‘bulk’ appears next to each product classified as ‘bulk’.

DISCOUNTS, & PRICES: Most of the time, bulk products do not qualify for (1) receiving further discounts from discount codes . Most of the products we offer are commodities. As such, their prices will fluctuate throughout the year based on world markets. Prices increase and decrease based on world market conditions.

ORDERING PROCESS: Once you submit an order on our website, the following business day we will proceed to order from the vendor the bulk product(s) you ordered. If we’re able to fill the order from product currently in stock, we will do so and ship sooner.

CANCELLATIONS, RETURNS: Bulk products are, for the most part, ‘special order’ products. Orders of bulk products are non-cancellable, returns are not allowed and will not be accepted. Customers must be patient when ordering bulk products and should keep in mind that we have no control over time-in-transit nor over pandemic-related issues or road and weather conditions.

UNDELIVERABLE AND/OR REFUSED BULK SHIPMENTS: Bulk shipments (regardless of how we ship) which are returned to us for any reason will incur a 60% restocking fee of the price you paid for the product as well as 100% of shipping, handling and palletizing fees including any portions of shipping/handling costs which Camden-Grey had absorbed. Before an order’s submitted thru our website, please be 100% sure you intend to order and accept the product. S&H fees are not refundable. If your order received Free or Reduced Shipping during our checkout, we will charge the card on file for ALL S&H fees you will owe on the returned shipment.

ETA: Every bulk product we offer informs customers of the approximate ETA; however, ETA may increase or decrease based on time of year, holidays and road and weather conditions...over which we have no control. Our main goal is to receive at our warehouse the ordered products ASAP and to ship to customers ASAP. Please remember to always count BUSINESS days and not to include weekends and/or holidays in those counts...Fridays are not business days for us and are not counted.

HOW WE SHIP BULK ORDERS; FEES: Heavy and very large/voluminous orders (including drums) will ship via truck line, palletized. Below are the delivery/packing surcharges you can expect to be manually applied to the order once we’re ready to ship. Amounts due will be manually charged to the card on file once we’re ready to ship:

  1. Residential palletized deliveries: A $75 residential surcharge + a $70 fee for a lift gate on the truck. You must have a way to move the delivered palletized shipment unto your property, the truck driver usually will not assist with this. If he/she assists with such requests, we’ll be billed later by the truckline and we’ll have to pass the additional cost on to you by charging your card.
  2. Commercial palletized deliveries: If a receiving dock is not available, we must request a lift gate on the truck, the truck line charges $60 for a lift gate. When ordering, customers should inform us thru our order form if there’s a dock at the delivery address. Informing us eliminates the lift gate fee.
  3. Our palletizing, shrinkwrapping fee is $35 per pallet in a shipment and is subject to change at any time.

WHAT NOT TO ASK THE DELIVERY DRIVER: Please do not ask the driver to take the pallet apart or to bring the palletized shipment to the garage or inside the store. Truck companies charge for every additional service they are asked to provide; unexpected costs will be passed on to you once they bill us for them which could be several weeks after delivery, the card on file will be charged.

S&H ESTIMATES: Whether we ship via FedEx Ground, Home Delivery or via truck line, S&H costs provided by our cart are estimates and are never refundable. If there’s a balance due for S&H we will charge the card on file. Any and all additional packing, palletizing and handling fees for a truck line shipment will be charged to the card on file. We cannot ship until all amounts due have been paid.

CUSTOMER’S AGREEMENT FOR BULK ORDERS: By ordering on our website, you agree to all of our Terms & Conditions, Shipping Policies and to all of the text that appears in this page related to orders of bulk products and further authorize us to charge the card on file for any additional shipping and/or handling costs.

Please become familiar with our policies. We provide all the information required to make an informed purchasing decision. It’s up to customers to read the information provided.

DISCLAIMER: While Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. (Camden-Grey) provides descriptions & images of its ingredients & supplies on its website, it cannot & will not guarantee the accuracy of information provided to the customer via all methods of communication: phone, email, fax, letters or in person. It is the responsibility of the customer to conduct appropriate research on the use & safety of each item we offer. The contents of our catalog & website have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We reserve the right to correct erroneous prices after an order has been placed; you reserve the right to refuse to purchase the item which was erroneously priced (without penalties). We reserve the right to correct erroneous S&H. We offer our products for external & cosmetic applications. By purchasing & using products sold by Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. you agree that:

(1) You will not hold Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. liable for any incident or complication which may result from improper storage and/or use or mis-use of the products.

(2) You will assume all product liability for the final products/creations which you create with products purchased from Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

(3) You understand that some essential, flavor & fragrance oils can be poisonous and/or fatal if ingested.

(4) You understand that our cosmetic-grade fragrance oils are synthetic & are not meant for ingestion, for direct skin application or for lip products.

(5) You will use common sense when using any of our raw materials.

(6) Products which may be dangerous or which may be ingested or inhaled by a child, a mentally handicapped person, the elderly or pets will be stored by you safely away from those persons or pets. The information provided on our site, as well as our descriptions, has been obtained from reliable online sources, books & personal knowledge & is being passed on to our customers for their review & further research. Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information or comprehensiveness. All products offered for sale on the Camden-Grey site are for external use only.

(7) You will read all of our Terms & Conditions & Shipping Policies before placing an order on the Camden-Grey website.

(Rev. 7/24/23)