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Essential Oils

Essential Oils: “They can be defined as the scent of the plant in its liquid or vapor form.”— Jeanne Rose, 1995

“Aromatic plants are those that contain essential oils which are complex mixtures of individual chemical constituents, the precise nature and proportions of which determine its therapeutic and fragrant properties.”—Battaglia

Very good explanations of aromatherapy, essential oils, hydrosols and distillation appear on the Jeanne Rose website:

RE: IFRA. For customers who wish to request from us IFRA documentation for fragrance or essential oils, we provide this information given to us by IFRA: IFRA documentation may be provided for essential and fragrance oils; however, these documents are not mandated by any government or regulatory agency. A document providing IFRA guidelines is totally voluntary and is only meant to be of assistance to the end user, it is not a mandatory document. At this time, Camden-Grey does not provide IFRA documents for its fragrance and essential oils.