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Fragrances – How To Use

All fragrance oils we offer have been tested in soap making processes, the results are posted in each product’s description. Our fragrance oils are of U.S. origin, phthalate free and cosmetic grade. These oils may also be used in candles but we have not tested them in this process, you’d have to do your own testing. Please read the disclaimer posted at the top of each Fragrance Oil section.

Fragrance oil usage in M&P and CP soap processes:
Use 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of fragrance oil per lb. of base (or 15 liquid ounces).

In HP soap process:
Use a touch more ... maybe 1 tablespoon per lb. of soap. The lighter, fluffier texture of the HP seems to allow it to absorb more FO successfully and have fewer chemical reactions with the FO than in CP.

In general, our tester reports that one needs less of the "heavy" fragrances (clove, frankincense, myrrh, citronella, etc.) and more of the "light" ones (citrus scents/EOs, sweet florals, etc.). Also, there are some "tricks" to anchor their scents ... like adding a clay to the base, adding a heavy "base note" scent (like some ylang ylang, vetiver or sandalwood), adding some litsea cubeba, etc.

Usage levels for shampoo and body wash: Our tester suggests starting usage for shampoo at .5% and starting usage for body wash at 1% but these will vary based on fragrance strength.

Reminder: We offer wildcrafted Castile Gel/Soap unscented base.

Please consider joining our online Forum where you may post any formulating questions and also have access to a library of information and recipes.