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Fragrance Oils

All our fragrance oils are skin safe as long as they're adequately diluted in a carrier oil, in a cream, etc.. Direct skin application is not advised. Fragrance oils are man-made and synthetic.

All of our fragrance oils are now PHTHALATE FREE. Many of our fragrance oils have been tested in CP, HP and MP soap processes. Those that have been tested in those processes will provide a description of the test results. Please click on each oil to see descriptions, flash points and soap test results.

Recommended rate of usage in soap: 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon per lb. of base in M&P and CP. In HP, 1 tablespoon to 4 teaspoons per lb. of soap. The lighter, fluffier texture of the HP seems to allow it to absorb more FO successfully and have fewer chemical reactions with the FO than in CP.

Fragrance oils with a flashpoint lower than 142F and/or with a UN# assigned cannot ship via air or ocean without hazardous materials documents. Flashpoint and UN# information is posted at the end of each oil's description. Each hazmat oil is marked as such on our site. Within the contiguous U.S. these types of oils will ship via UPS Ground only.

The ingredients of all our fragrance oils are proprietary to each manufacturer and they will not divulge their ingredients; we cannot provide a breakdown of ingredients of our fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are not considered natural products, theyメre synthetic and manmade.

Please note that we offer the highest quality fragrance oils, uncut and undiluted, purchased from the most reputable U.S. manufacturers in the industry. These are not cheap $2/lb. fragrance oils such as you will find on other sites or at shopping mall kiosks where they usually dilute and cut their oils with chemicals in order to make a few extra dollars.

If you will use our fragrance oils in products other than soaps, you will need to do your own testing since we have not tested these products in other processes. Fragrance oils are not returnable regardless of the outcome of your product. Fragrance oils are for external use only and could be fatal if ingested. Please keep away from children, the elderly, and pets.

Do you need more assistance, recipes, labeling information, a group of crafters who enjoy helping each other? Please join our Forum, the link to join appears towards the top of our Home page.