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Coconut Oil Virgin, wildcrafted
    Coconut Oil Virgin, wildcrafted
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    • Coconut Oil Virgin, wildcrafted

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    Sold by weight in plastic bottles/jugs. This is how high quality virgin coconut oil really and truly smells! When you take a whiff of this virgin, pure oil you will be mentally transported to the Caribbean. This oil is processed by technology developed in Japan using a centrifuge and gravity. They harvest the coconut and the coconut milk is extracted by centrifuge with a density separator. When solid it is white, when liquid it is colorless.

    It has the most intoxicating coconut fragrance.......its texture is soft-solid with a creamy texture while at room temperature. Use straight on the skin, as lip balm, to blend with other fixed oils and essential oils, in creams and lotions. A favorite of those who like to tan without any protection. Use as a sexual lubricant or all over body oil, massage into the hair for a truly moisturizing treatment prior to shampooing.....use your imagination. In Ayurveda, coconut oil is used for its cooling properties by those with Pitta doshas both as a body massage oil and a hair and scalp oil to prevent thinning hair and premature greying. Slightly warm the oil prior to using it for body or hair/scalp massage. SAP value: 249-264 (Per vendor/manufacturer: This oil is food grade, processed in a gluten-free facility.)

    Country of origin: Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia.   Botanical name: Coco nucifera

    This product is food grade; however, Camden-Grey sells its products only for external use. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the information contained in a product’s MSDS and to become familiar and well versed in how each product should be used, including a product’s precautions, if any. MSDS’s are posted on our site, look for the MSDS link at the top, right, of all our pages.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.95/5 Stars out of 20 Reviews
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    smell delicious
    I have tried other coconut oil and this is one of the best for the price. I highly recommend.
    Love, Love Love this coconut oil.
    I've ordered this time and again because it's wild-crafted and it has a divine smell!! I use it in CP soaps, on my skin, hair and even for cooking. Even though it has a wonderful smell on its own, it does not over power other EOs in my CP soaps. I love Camden-Grey because shipping is super fast and they have a great selection of EOs, carrier oils and butters, not to mention great prices and high quality products!.
    Virgin Coconut Oil
    I love the scent of this oil and it is pure virgin coconut oil!!!! Better than what the stores sell!
    I loved this oil. The smell is nice and it helps making my hair beautiful and healthy.
    Great product!
    I'm using this oil for one of my anhydrous body butters. It adds great glide and the smell is just wonderful!
    Ok, I've tried this product for about a week and a half and let me tell you it's unbelievably, incredibly, amazing on the face, hair, hands and believe it or not, it's amazing in COFFEE!! Yes, in adds a wonderful, creamy taste to coffee, just a little goes a long. long way. Wooooooooooooo! I recommend that if you buy it, you buy in BULK because you will regret buying small. It's packed and will last for a long, long time. VERY nice product here!!
    Exceeds Expectations.
    Just received my order today and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The oil is a nice consistency and I love how it melts so softly in my hands. I used it on my hair and it left my hair moisturized and soft without feeling weighed down. I only ordered 12 oz but I now know I have to begin to order this stuff in bulk.
    I love Love LOVE this coconut oil! First things first it smells GREAT! So great that you want to eat it. When using on skin and scalp it is not oily. I use it for hair/skin and for cooking! This stuff is great.. And CHEAP ALSO!!
    This oil smells amazing! The scent is distinctly coconut without being overwhelming. I use it to moisturize my skin. It works quite well at keeping my skin soft without clogging my pores. Also tried it as a lubrication in the bedroom. Works great!
    Cheaper than a tropical vacation...
    This stuff smells AMAZING, and feels so good on the skin. I've used it from head to toe, and it softens like nothing else I've ever tried. It leaves my hair & skin soft & silky with a nice sheen, and never has a greasy feel. Thanks for having such a quality product at such a good price.
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    Coconut Oil Virgin, wildcrafted
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