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Thank you for all the wonderful work you do! I depend on your knowledge and Superior quality in essential oils. You are my go to for essential oils. Big Love, MC

I am SO in love with your company- I am so so so glad I found you. I have some points building up and at some point I’d like to redeem. Coming across your company is one of the best things that’s happened! I’m a full time soap maker, branching out this year - using things not only new to me but hard to find. Your company offers things that peak my curiosity, inspire me, are familiar to me - and motivate me.

The site is easy to navigate, thus, I enjoy being on it, exploring and using it. Your descriptions are SO helpful, informative about product origin, aromatic notes and potential uses, history and general info. I think this is what’s moved me to try so many new things, A+ on descriptions!

Products are TOP NOTCH. I am floored with the quality - every time I get an order it’s like Christmas. Packaging is great, tops screwed on, no leaks, marked well. Oils are fresh, butters are beautiful, essentials are amazing. Packaged and shipped with care.

I love love love that you put the date on the bottles (my favorite “little touch” that you guys do)! Saves me from doing that when they arrive. I never worry about anything when I place a Camden Grey order, you are quickly becoming one of my main suppliers. From carrier oils to essentials and everything in between, I can’t be happier with your company and product line. I am SUCH a happy loyal customer! And this sums it up- there isn’t one thing I’d change, I am so so so so so so so happy with you guys and so so so so so grateful that I came across you!

I look forward to the arrival of the last item from my order. As always, you at Camden Grey do a great job! I have recommended you to several people that I know buy essential oils.

You guys rock!!! I knew you were closing/shipping on Wednesday for the Christmas holiday and I ordered Wed. night. I am absolutely thrilled this has shipped! Merry Christmas!

Thank you. You have the best ingredients, everything's so fresh! I don't want to shop anywhere else for my ingredients for my business.

I just received my oils, and I’m writing to thank you for your quick turnaround and careful packing. Everything arrived in perfect condition, I cannot wait to start using my oils.

Thanks for shipping so promptly! Since 2002 I can always count on Camden-Grey to help me when I’m in a jam.

I just received my 9th order from Camden-Grey and, as always, I am enthralled with the wonderful aromas of the new oils I ordered and impressed with how promptly you shipped my order. Kudos to your packing clerk, she does an outstanding job! I haven’t received anything yet that has been damaged while in transit to me.

Camden-Grey has helped my business grow tremendously through the years. When I began my business out of my garage in 2005 I had no idea of what I was doing. Camden-Grey’s assistance to my business with such a large selection of products at great prices and high quality have been invaluable to our growth.

I just love your website, all of the descriptions and information provided there and your products, Camden-Grey! We have to get our “Camden fix” at least twice a year.

I received my order today and opened it immediately. It literally gave me goosebumps to smell lavender that amazing! I regret not placing all of our bulk essential oil orders with Camden-Grey, but we certainly will for the future! Thank you for an outstanding product, can't wait to use it :)

What really drew me to Camdengrey were the prices. Their prices are really competitive and they take care in packaging your products. I have never gotten a product that wasn't packaged properly. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and even when I pay vat and duties I can still make a profit selling my products. I love the fact that I can get up to four small samples every time I order (which is very often). I can't get enough of their products. Great quality, even better prices. They also have great customer service. They have always responded to me quickly. Camden-Grey: keep up the great work!

I love the quality of your EOs. They have always performed well for me.

I have been ordering some of my essential oils from Camden Grey for years, but yesterday I was able to order about 90% of my EOs from you! (other than geranium eo, which was too pricey, and eucalyptus lemon eo which you don't carry.)

Thank you so much for your service. Your website was WAY EASIER to navigate than either Bulk Apothecary's or New Directions Aromatics'. Your website was very responsive and loaded faster than either of theirs.

As a business owner, I think it's nice to receive positive feedback, so I thought you might appreciate hearing some as well. Thanks again for a great buying experience and quality products! God bless,

Good morning! FedEx just left and I broke out the scissors and tore into the package like it was Christmas. First, the package arrived fast :) I work all week and now my ingredients are here and ready for my weekend (yay!) Second, Everything arrived so beautifully packaged, it's clear you care about the products & customers.

I smelled the fragrance oils and right out of the bottles they smell smooth and wonderful - CANNOT wait for the weekend to use these! It took me 4 days of researching products offered, pricing, reviews, etc. before deciding to place my order with Camden-Grey. Thanks so much, looking forward to making future purchases with you now.

I am 100% happy with my experience as a customer with Camden-Grey. I was reluctant to make a purchase because the reviews on Yelp were questionable, yet the website reviews were amazing. I decided to take a chance since Camden Grey conveniently has EVERY butter and oil a person could ever want in this world, and I'm glad I did. The sampler kit is packaged so cute and professionally! The full-sized butters are packaged in bags, yet they are done so meticulously so that the contents do not spill, and EVERY butter is high quality. I don't know WHAT those people on yelp were talking about- must be angry competitors throwing hate in the game because Camden-Grey just gained a customer for life!

I would like to share my experiences with other, maybe new customers of Camden-Grey. It’s been a few years since I received my first order with complete satisfaction. And my experiences with CG have not changed since that day. Their packaging is always done with care and the customer service is excellent. The quality of their products is exceptional as well as the prices. There really is no need to shop elsewhere, Camden-Grey has all I need.

I love your products (since 2004) and take every opportunity I can to refer friends to shop with you! You guys/gals are awesome!

I LOVE how your soap molds are arranged !!!! I wish every one would sort these as you have.

I received my clove bud today.....thank you for the quick service, and the packaging of my whole order was excellent. Many companies don't pack orders as well!!! Thanks again.

I love the quality of your products so much! I have taken to giving and sending them as gifts to people. I have ordered products online I thought were a good deal only to find the products were not good quality when they arrived. When I find a special doctor or store or product I like to tell the world. You are on my very short list of of the best of the best. Thanks for providing such high quality products at a reasonable price.

Camden-Grey, thank you for your great customer service and reasonable shipping rates. You selection is huge and the web site is easy to navigate and products are easy to find.

A Wonderfully Pleasant Surprise!! Exceptional Service, Exceptional Packaging and Super Quick Delivery!

Truthfully, I am still marveling over the amazing quality Camden-Grey has demonstrated with my very first (with many more to come) order!! I had found CG’s website just a few days late, had placed a much larger order with another supplier and I’m kicking myself for doing so. I truthfully wish I had found your website sooner.

First, the quality of your packaging is top-shelf!! Everything was packaged and bagged securely to prevent any spillage or leaking. There was absolutely no chance any product I ordered cold have been damaged…truly superior packaging opposed to suppliers used in the past.

Shipping…such a wonderful surprise!!! I had placed an order from another (1st time order) supplier, order was completed online approx. the same time. This order was made through a supplier with a HUGE name, tons and tons of committed customers giving 5 star reviews, promising unbeatable claims!! My order was processed the same time CG processed my order. I received my package this Thursday afternoon from CG, tracked my package from opposing supplier…(lol), the package is in Washington state, the same state the supplier is located…and has been for two days. Package arrival is expected in 5 days….5 more days.

I haven’t checked the quality of the products I received from CG today but, ya know…just from the quality of my experience through you so far, I’m confident I will NOT be unhappy. So excited to work with these products!!

I’ve read some not-so-appealing reviews for CG in the last few days. However, my plan is to visit these sites once more and give my reviews. I can’t wait to let the bath and body artisans all over the world know all about the awesome experience I’ve had with your company and urge them all to give CG a shot!! This experience has been nothing short of fantastic for me.

My clients are 110% all the reason I need to shop with a supplier I can count on, who is as dedicated to their customer as I am and who values the beauty and craft of the artisan’s product.

Thank you, Camden-Grey for providing me with everything I need to keep the hard-work and focus on my clients and not on the package I needed days ago!!

When AroraRising orders product, Camden-Grey WILL supply!!

I’ve been working with your company over a decade now and I have yet to be let down! I look forward to continued growth with you all. Thank you.

I love Camden-Grey! Your prices are phenomenal and shipping is lightning speed. I've only ordered twice and each time was great. This is definitely my one and only supplier. Don't look any further, this is the place to go!

I have been ordering from Camden-Grey since I started making soap a few years ago. I found them doing a Google search. I checked out their website and read quite a few reviews on the products I was interested in. I was more then impressed. Everyone seemed to agree that both their selection and pricing was the best overall. So I placed my first order. I've been more then satisfied with both the timing of the package and the way it was packaged! Nothing leaked and nothing was broken. I now refer them to all my product making friends.

Only downfall....a few of my favorite times have been out of stock. It's a good thing for them having so many satisfied customers, but it makes me sad when my package comes without products as they were 'out of stock'. Don't let that discourage you from ordering from them as their products are well worth the wait. I wish there was an option to delay shipment until entire order is filled, that would cut down on reordering and paying additional shipping. All in all, I never order from anyone but them. I'm making skin products now and am pleased with how many new products they've startied carrying. Thank you Camden-Grey for being a great on-line store. If you were a physical store nearby Id be in weekly. Would be nice to not have to pay shipping, I'd buy more products instead.

I began making and selling body-care products about 3 years ago. Initially, it was fun to troll the web for the best deals out there, and “discover” all the companies that provide products to people like me. It wasn’t long before I discovered C.G. and their amazing prices. Despite how busy I’ve become, I still take the time to compare prices, and keep going back to my best-price-supplier – Camden Grey!

I have been ordering product from Camden-Grey for many years and have done price comparisons each time. Camden-Grey has the best price and largest variety for high quality essential oils in the market and has for as long as I can remember. Shipping is quick considering that most essential oils have to be shipped via ground only from Florida to Michigan. Plan ahead and save money by ordering from Camden-Grey!

LOVE Camden-Grey. My orders are always packed well, nothing has ever leaked or arrived broken, my order is always shipped fast. Essential oil prices and QUALITY are GREAT! Camden-Grey is fast becoming my major supplier!

I love your efficiency, your carefulness in wrapping every container and I love the butters. Thank you.

Every item that I have ever ordered from Camden-grey was truly top notch. I've gotten better quality products from CG than I have from other vendors online for the same item. I have never had a problem with ordering, paying, or shipping. I will and have recommended CG to others that I know that are in the market for essential oils, butters, and other items. I love the quality and have no complaints.

I have been ordering from Camden-Grey for over 13 yrs now. When I lived in Florida I would go and pick up my supplies. I also loved seeing the big containers of essential oils. I love their service and the products that they offer us. Love the essential oil, clays and herbs and their pricing, which is great. Thanks for being here Camden-Grey!! I appreciate you...

I have used Camden-Grey since 2006 or 2007, after I read an article in Essence magazine referencing the company as one of the companies that the owner of Carol's Daughter used. I quickly went online and looked up info on eczema for my two daughters and self. I found a great recipe ordered all my products and made the best cream that completely alleviated our eczema and removed the scars. I bought raw shea butter, calendula, and yes emu oil. This mixture worked beautifully and we have been using Camden-grey for everything, from our heads to our feet, love it!

I just received my first order from Camden-Grey. Pleasantly surprised, I'm new to this 'receiving samples' thing. It's Great! I've never known anywhere else to do this. Everything I asked for, including extra samples, came-on time-and well wrapped. Some of the oils I got were very tiny bottles but these were wrapped with special attention. I am definitely a new customer--I will be coming back for more. Thank You.

I have been buying natural products from Camden-Grey for many years now. A business acquaintance gave me the referral. The service is great! Also, any questions I have are always answered promptly....which helps a lot in making my purchasing decisions. The product descriptions are very helpful. I appreciate the great service, great products, and fair prices!!! Thank you!

I really appreciate the high quality products that you provide your customers and because of this, all of my bath and body products turn out just beautiful. I very much appreciate the way you carefully package my orders too. You have a great customer service team, and a high standard of professionalism. Thank you so much Camden-Grey!

I received my first order today. Everything was extremely well-packed. I ordered several essential and fragrance oils, among other things. Nothing leaked. I'm new to soap-making, but I've done a fair bit of shopping around and Camden Grey has some of the best prices as well as selection. Thank you.

I received my order so quickly! I really am impressed with how beautifully everything was wrapped and packed as well. I had accidentally dropped my box (!) but everything was so lovingly tucked in there, I think it could have survived a plane crash! Thank you so much for caring about what you do - it shows!

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Camden-Grey! Their products work wonderfully in my natural soap, customers LOVE them, and their prices are great. Thank You for offering what soap makers need: Great Essential Oils at an Affordable Price!"

Hello, this is Barry from and I strongly suggest anyone that may be hesitating about ordering product from Camden-Grey wait no longer! This company’s products, prices, shipping and service cannot be matched! They have really helped my own business to grow. Thanks, Camden-grey!

I have been buying oils from Camden Grey for over 10 years. I have never once had the first reason to be disappointed in their service or the quality of essential oils. I have tried essential oils from other places and have never found the quality that Camden-Grey carries. I have referred a number of other soap makers and others to CG for essential oils over the years. Thank you guys for offering reliable quality!! I know I can count on you for great products.

I have been purchasing from Camden Grey for several years now. I love the quality of your essential oils and other products. The prices are the best I have found ! I own my own business so being able to find great quality at great prices is a good thing! Thank you Camden Grey! Keep up the good work!

I’ve ordered from Camden Grey a few times now and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the great service, quick delivery and quality products. I’ve been happy with the quality of everything I have purchased. I shop around a lot before purchasing and your prices range from competitive to fantastic. While some of the essential oils I’ve purchased are new to me, so I’m no expert on them, they all smell fantastic and the ones that I have used in soap have worked beautifully.

I have been a customer of Camden-Grey since 1999, my orders have ranged from very small to very large orders, some have even shipped via truck line because they were large, heavy orders and UPS costs were too high. The folks at Camden-Grey have always done their best to save me money on S&H for my large shipments. My business couldn’t have grown the way it has without having Camden-Grey as my partner.

In 2012 I discovered CamdenGrey as I looked for vendors who offered more variety than my previous vendors and that also offered better prices. I found CamdenGrey met both of my requirements. Since early 2012 I have become a regular customer and am very satisfied with all products ordered and way in which my orders were handled. Elsa in Customer Service is a pleasure to deal with, she’s on top of every detail. I have referred several of my friends to them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Camden for all that you offer and all that you do. I reside in Puerto Rico and it’s very difficult many times to find vendors that ship to the island and that offer reasonable shipping rates. I have found excellent products, excellent service and reasonable shipping rates with your company.....this has allowed my own small company to grow. I hope to continue doing business with you for many years to come.

New to making soaps and scrubs. Now lotions. Want to venture into lip products have used your shea butter love everything I have gotten from u plus customer service is excellent had a problem with an oil that broke. Called customer service and they fixed everything. Plus gave me great advice on storing tea tree oil.

I make handcrafted soaps and always so satisfied with anything I have ordered from Camden-Grey. The essential oils are reasonably priced and keep their scent. I recently made a soap I call "Put the Lime in the Coconut" using lime essential oil and coconut scented oil. It's fabulous! Makes me want a Margarita!

This is my second time ordering and I am Very satisfied with the time from order to shipping, packaging, shipping cost & quality and pure-ness of the oils. My customers have love my products, so I'm getting ready to place another order. favorite in my last order is the Clove essential oil.

I have recently decided to go natural & was looking for good natural products for my hair & came across Camden Grey. I ordered avocado butter & rhassoul clay. OMG...I love them. The clay makes my curls pop and butter makes my hair cotton candy soft. I am definitely ordering more and a few new things. Camden Grey is my staple for natural products forever!!!

Making soap is what I do and your essential oils and coconut oil are the only place I shop. Thanks so much for great product and fast service. I don't shop anywhere else.

I've been ordering Great products from Camden for at least 8 years. You guys are great! Very consistent with your products and good competitive pricing. Ive grown my business tremendously with you!

I was just taking inventory on my essential oils and realized that 80% of them have come from your company! I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn't want it any other way. Your customer service is excellent and the prices can't be beat! On top of this, and most importantly, the oil quality is 100%!! Thank you!


trying to find bulk soap making supplies and quality essential oils was proving to be a challenge for me, I am very grateful I found camden they have a wide variety of essential oils that I have never been unhappy with and I also love they come in dark glass bottles (some companies have shipped in clear plastic), service is great, always correct about their turnaround time, and my orders are always right. I will definately order from camden again. Thanks so much!

I order my products on the 17th of February. I received it quicker then expected. I wanted to try out all my products before I gave it a rating. I ordered some unrefined cocobutter, shea butter, mango butter, orange butter and a sample size liemon butter. I was so impressed. I have been making creams with all of them for hair and skin and have given them to my family. The aroma alone gets five stars! The texture is so smooth. I know I will only order from Camden Grey from here on out. They have amazing products and great shipping versus the competitors. Thanks again for wonderful product.

Camden-Grey is my favorite company to order essential oils and fragrance oils from. They have so much selection of great quality products, plus they have the best prices around! They also have great customer service that can't be beat!