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    Our high quality Emu oil is obtained from U.S.-grown Emus. Our Emu oil is certified by the American Emu Association (AEA) to be Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil as defined within the Emu Oil Trade Rules. The chemical free refining process that the processor utilizes removes toxins, contaminants and other unwanted impurities without compromising the beneficial fatty acids found in emu oil. This results in a safe, clean grade of emu oil that meets or exceeds all of the established industry standards.

    The University of Massachusetts compared the anti-inflammatory activity of the American Crude Emu Oil and the Australian Crude Emu Oil and found no differences. Recently, the American Emu Association gathered crude emu oil samples from 9 countries around the world, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. These samples were gathered, tested and compared to the fatty acid analysis of American emu oil and the findings were that there are no significant differences in crude emu oil regardless of the country of origin.

    What is an Emu? It is a flightless, grey-feathered ratite bird of Australia, closely related to the ostrich. Emu oil is obtained from a thick pad of fat on the back of the bird that was initially provided by nature to protect the animal from the extreme temperatures of its Australian homeland. For centuries, the aborigines of Australia have been applying Emu oil to their wounds with excellent results. Today, more and more it is being added to products to increase their effectiveness. It is found in foods, muscle pain relievers, skin care products and natural soaps. Emu oil is non-irritating. Its color varies from light ivory to yello to light orange, there's no guarantee of how each batch will look and feel.

    Our Emu oil is a blend of both the lighter and heavier fractions of emu oil and has a creamy consistency. It has been refined based on industry standard processes.This chemical free form of AEA Certified Grade A Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil doesn't contain any fillers, dyes, or perfumes.

    Some of its known properties are: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative, high in oleic acid (oleic acid has better skin-penetrating qualities than vegetable oils), moisturizing, doesn't clog pores, penetrates through several layers of skin. The oil is almost odorless but this will vary from batch to batch. We have never had a batch that had a strong or objectionable odor.

    Some of its known uses are: Assists with the healing of bed sores. When applied to a new cut, scrape or burn, assists with prevention of scars. Provides sunburn relief. Makes a wonderful massage oil for muscle aches and strains. Very helpful for arthritis pain and inflammation. Provides canker sore relief. Useful for diaper and heat rash. Great as a massage on children who have "growing pains" in their extremities.

    Assists with prevention of stretch marks; once stretch marks are present, assists with eliminating accompanying dryness and itchiness. Makes tight skin more supple. Good skin lubricant; also useful in sexual applications. Many people use so-called "baby oil" for their babies, for their skin care, and for sexual lubrication but usually the main ingredient in "baby oil" is mineral oil which is derived from petroleum. This is what thousands and thousands of people are using on their babies and on their private parts. Is it any wonder that every day more cancers and unusual diseases are being found in infants, children and adults?

    In Soapmaking: This almost odorless, slightly thick (not clear) oil has a color ranging from ivory to light yellow which will vary from batch to batch and is a wonderful ingredient for soapmaking. Emu oil is moisturizing and adds hardness along with good lathering. Emu oil, when first applied to the skin, is greasy; however, within 5-10 minutes one notices that the oil is slowly being absorbed by the skin leaving a great feeling of overall smoothness on the skin. You can use it straight or you can add essential oils of your choice. The bottle of Emu oil should be shaken ever so lightly to mix the contents prior to each use. Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sun and heat. Shelf life when properly stored is @1 year. Fatty Acid Composition: Oleic 45-50%, Palmitic 22-25%, Stearic 8-10%, Linoleic 6-10%, Free Fatty Acids less than 6%, Iodine Value 50-80. SAP Value: 175-200. Flash point: >140 deg. C, >284 deg. F. INCI: Emu oil.

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 14 Reviews
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    Good quality
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Mohammed Ali Faisal (Montreal, QC, CA) | May 5th, 2017
    This is a great product. Its consistency and quality is unmatched. A must buy!
    seriously loving Emu oil
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    GINA MCCLURE (PLANO, TX, US) | May 18th, 2016
    I made a pain-relief cream with Emu oil and several essential oils known for being beneficial for inflammation and pain. I have had the best results with this cream and so far everyone has loved it and said how much it helps. Ordering more Now!!
    Great Price
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Nyandae Jackson (jacksonville, FL, US) | January 13th, 2016
    Camden Grey can't be beat with their price on this valuable oil. when mixed with other oil emu oil oil carries the blend to the skins deeper epidermis layers.
    Great Oil!
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    FRANCES PLUMERI (MILWAUKEE, WI, US) | April 29th, 2014
    This oil is great for skin issues. It is thick and creamy and softens skin beautifully. The price is better than I've found elsewhere. I only wish that because of the consistency, it shipped in a jar instead of a bottle. But I will reorder!
    I'll be ordering more!
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Rita C Jacobs (Nicholls, GA, US) | November 9th, 2013
    I just tried this today. Its so creamy. I used it with squalane today and it was amazing. I'll decided I would cut the bottle open if I had to to get every last drop of this out to use it. My skin is so soft, even on my hands. And I did not have soft skin, I had leather. I have bought expensive creams and this puts them all to shame. The next bottle I order will be bigger.
    Yep---it's all true--this stuff is great!
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    SuzAnne Thorp (Pittsburgh, PA, US) | July 17th, 2012
    How can you go wrong with an oil that has so many uses? Wound healing, Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative, diaper rash healing, just WOW!!!!! I use it in a mix for my aging skin and acentuate on the meanie lines (some people call them 1ines) between my eyes. It seems VERY thick and oily when you put it on but sinks into your skin nicely and does well under makeup application. There was no discernible odor in the bottle that I received and the color was a creamy white. It will last up to about a year in the refrigerator (seal tightly in an amber or cobalt glass bottle for best results), which is a very good thing since it IS a tad expensive----but well worth it. Oh---and the site info says it penetrates through several layers of skin and that is a more than definite plus since so many of the “good” things we add to our natural skin cosmetics may be great in theory but have molecules too large to penetrate the skin so, in effect, don't really do much good. Buy it—use it---you’ll love it. I intend to buy a larger amount now that I have tried it!
    Emu Oil - The hype - It's all True
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Maggie Arsenault (Lynn, MA, US) | June 11th, 2012
    I heard all the reviews on Emu oil and had to try, since Camden Grey is great about offering their products even in small amounts I thought what did I have to lose. Well, let me tell you, I had a terrible time with my complexion this winter. I broke out in red, itchy, scales like I never did before all over my face. I don't usually have an issue with eczema or even dry skin. I was stumped. My expensive $100 an ounce (yeah I know) cream from the spa, didn't work. I tried a dozen expensive beauty products with no avail. What worked. You guessed it. Straight Emu oil all over my face, was the only thing that calmed it down and cleared it up. Now I make a boo boo balm with Emu and Calendula oil that I never go without, it's my go to cream, sunburn, windburn, a rash, bug bit, scrape, bruise, you name it. This stuff is gold. I'll never go without again.
    Best quality and price ever
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Yuan Gao (Bedford, MA, US) | April 18th, 2012
    This is the best quality and price!! This oil is odorless. So I use it directly on problem skin or making ointment for any purpose. It really has great benefits for any problem skin. Thank you for carrying such great oil. I will only purchase from you in the future.
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    Katherine Morrison (Fayetteville, NC, US) | February 11th, 2012
    I purchased Emu oil from Camden-Grey and another oil selling website to compare the two. And I must say Camden-Grey always sells the best oils. The other website I purchased this oil from, the oil had a VERY STRONG odor. The oil I purchased from CG was odorless!! I know a lot of people have problems using oils that have a strong odor, but you don't have to worry about that with the Emu oil. I use a little on my face to help keep it moisturized since I have really dry skin. But this product is GREAT! If you are worrying about if it won't work, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!
    Heaven sent
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    annekatrin gardner (jacksonville, FL, US) | February 3rd, 2012
    I recently had a bad incident suffering from hives. Nothing I had on hand helped at all and I was in agony from the itching and painfully stretched swelled skin. I finally applied some Emu oil, figuring I had nothing left to loose and the result was almost magical. My rash started clearing up within hours and I was even able to apply it to my swollen eyelids without any irritation at all. I can only recommend it and will definitely purchase some more.
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