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Air Freshener Recipes with Essential Oils

All of these recipes can be made by mixing them in a base of distilled water and spraying them in the air. Unpreserved recipes in a distilled water base, however, will tend to grow contaminants after awhile – and can also dampen surfaces they are sprayed on, leading to further contaminant growth.

A better idea would be to put the essential oil mixture in a base of commercial witch hazel or diluted alcohol (inexpensive vodka works well). Both commercial witch hazel and diluted vodka are clear, have little scent, and retard the growth of microorganisms due to their alcohol content. They also evaporate more quickly than distilled water due to the alcohol content, leading less sogginess and less potential for contaminant growth. As always, take care where you spray them, avoiding eyes and mucus membranes as well as varnished surfaces that might be sensitive to alcohol.

Rise and Shine Recipe

10 drops orange

10 drops chamomile

8 drops lemon

Relaxing Blend

10 drops bergamot

10 drops sandalwood

5 drops clove

5 drops ylang ylang

Summer Blend

10 drops lemon

4 drops geranium

3 drops petitgrain

3 drops sandalwood

Fresh and Clean

10 drops rosemary

10 drops lavender

5 drops lemon

5 drops lime

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