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Essential Oils for Summer

Summer is a fun time, and a time to experiment and try new things. One new thing you might want to try is some new essential oils for summer .. and here are some suggestions. (Just add a touch of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil to your wrist to try them):

For summer road trips:

Peppermint – this essential oil will keep you feeling fresh and energetic, and helps you to focus and stay awake on long summer drives

Rosemary – this essential oil is also good at enhancing alertness and focus

For flying:

Orange and Lavender EOs – researchers have found that these 2 essential oils reduce fear and anxiety in dental office patients when diffused together.

Roman Chamomile – this essential oil is sweet and honey-like, and well known for creating calming feelings

Frankincense – many people report that the sweet, earthy sense of frankincense is relaxing

To relieve the pain of jellyfish stings:

-Rinse the area of the sting with ocean water, and apply some aloe vera gel containing lavender, tea tree and/or rosemary essential oils

To relieve the pain of a sunburn:

-Put some or all of the following essential oils in chilled aloe vera gel and apply to burned skin: Lavender, calendula, and roman chamomile

To relieve the pain of poison ivy:

-Put some or all of the following essential oils on a washcloth soaked in cold water and apply to the affected area: Lavender, tea tree and roman chamomile

To relieve the pain of bug bites:

-These essential oils, when applied diluted in carrier oil, will help relieve the itching, pain and swelling associated with bug bites: Lavender, calendula, frankincense, roman chamomile and tea tree

Essential oils to keep bugs at bay:

Lemon Eucalyptus – this essential oil is so effective against bugs that the Environmental Protection Agency registered it as a natural “biopesticide repellent”.

Clove and Thyme – A study by the US Department of Agriculture found that these essential oils, when used together, would provide one and a half to three and a half hours of mosquito deterrence.

Juniper – This essential oil has been found to be very effective at repelling ticks


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