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Bath Bombs Made With Turkey Red Oil

Do you love the fizzy and fragrant bath “bombs” sold in stores? They are actually super fun and easy to make yourself! You can customize them with any skin safe fragrance/essential oil you like, and can even add colorants, if you like. And thanks to the basic chemistry of the fizz created by baking soda and a weak acid, you get a delightfully fizzy reaction when your creation hits the water.

All in all, bath bombs take about half an hour to craft, and usually take a few hours to dry. (Larger bath bombs take longer to dry fully than smaller bath bombs.

Here is a basic recipe for bath bombs made with fragrance/essential oil and turkey red oil. Turkey red oil is sulfated castor oil. It’s the only carrier oil with natural emulsifying properties, which helps it to disperse oil in your tub and enhance the “staying power” of the essential/fragrance oils in your bath bombs:

Dry Ingredients

2 cups baking soda

1 1/2 cups corn starch

1 1/3 cups citric acid

1/2 cup Epsom salts

Wet Ingredients

2 Tablespoons turkey red oil (sulfated castor oil)

Small amount of witch hazel in a spray bottle

8-10 drops essential/fragrance oil

1.Mix dry ingredients in a medium bowl using a whisk.

2.Add the turkey red oil and whisk in immediately and quickly. (Don’t be alarmed if this triggers your recipe to fizz a bit!)

3.Add in a few drops of essential or fragrance oil at the very end, if you wish. Also spritz in just a bit of witch hazel and use your hands to mix it in evenly.

4.Once the texture is like wet beach sand you would use to build a castle, gently pack your molds with the mixture. (Empty clear Christmas ornaments make great bath bomb molds, as do animal-shaped beach toys and soap molds!)

5.Let each mold sit for a couple of minutes, then gently unmold them onto a surface. (If they are stubborn about unmolding smoothly, put them in the freezer for five minutes and then try unmolding them).

6.Let the bath bombs dry overnight; put them on a baking try in an oven set to “warm” or heated only by the pilot light to speed the process.

Use one medium bath bomb per bath and enjoy!!

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