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Natural Colorants - Green

Many soapers and crafters got into their craft because they wanted to make and use the most natural products possible, and to be able to control what ingredients are in the products they use. One way to do that is to use herbs and other natural colorants in products. They can be a bit unpredictable, but are also fun to use and can yield some very beautiful results.

Here are some natural colorants to use that will yield green tones in your product:

Alfalfa (dried, powdered) – bright, medium green

Basil – (dried, powdered or infused in oil) – green which eventually fades. Good scent!

Blue Chamomile essential oil – robin’s egg blue to light green

Chlorophyll – starts green and fades to gray

Comfrey – add dried comfrey to melted oils. Dark green, more intense as you use more.

Cucumber – (dried peel) – bright green

Dill (dried, powdered) – Drab green. Small green specks when used powdered in product.

Grass clippings (infused in water) – medium green, can fade to grey/brown

Green clay – light to dark green, depending on amount used

Hemp seed oil (unrefined) – medium to deep green

Henna – olive to deep drab green with hints of brown

Mugwort (dried, powdered or oil infusion) – greenish gold

Oolong tea (dried, powdered) – dark green with shades of brown

Parsley – green, fades to gray

Peppermint – (dried, powdered) – soap will get green/brown over time. Soft minty scent.

Rosemary – (dried, powdered) – green, turns green/brown over time.

Sage – (dried, powdered or oil infusion) – olive green, turns green/brown over time.

Sea kelp – green with hints of brown

Soapwort (dried, powdered) – starts bright lime green, fades to muddy, earthy greenish yellow

Spinach (dried, powdered) – light green

Stevia – green, turns gray

Spirulina/blue-green algae – bluish green

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