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Natural Colorants - Red, Orange and Pink

Natural Colorants – Red, Orange and Pink Many soapers and crafters got into their craft because they wanted to make and use the most natural products possible, and to be able to control what ingredients are in the products they use. One way to do that is to use herbs and other natural colorants in products. They can be a bit unpredictable, but are also fun to use and can yield some very beautiful results.

Here are some natural colorants to use that will yield red, orange and pink tones to your product:

Alkanet root (dried, infused in oil) – maroon to indigo. Begins mauve/lavender, turns pinkish. Very pH sensitive.

Beet root (dried) – soft pink to red to purple, depending on amount used

Cabbage, red – pretty rose color, but can stink in finished product

Citrus essential oils – light to deep orange

Cochineal powder – deep red

Dahlia (dried) – intense yellow to orange

French pink clay – bright, rosy pink

Lady’s bedstraw (root, dried) – coral pink

Madder root (dried, infused in oil) – pink to rosy red to purple to rich tomato red, depending on amount used and pH of product.

Moroccan Red Clay – Brick red

Mulberries, black (pureed or dried) – red violet to dark bluish purple

Myrtle berries (pureed or dried) – maroon to purple

Paprika – pale pink to light peach to orange/salmon, depending on amount used and pH of product.

Pumpkin (dried or pureed) – medium brown to orange

Rosehips (boiled, mashed and strained) – added to rebatch, will yield red. (Brown if used in CP).

Safflower petals (dried) – yellow to deep orange. Petals retain color.

Sorrel (root, dried) – soft pink

Sweet potato (dried, ground) – pale to dark orange

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