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Recommended Usage Guidelines

Recommended Usage Guidelines

One very frequent question among crafters is how much of a given ingredient to use. Here are some guidelines I like to follow. All measurements are by weight:

Antioxidants:Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE): 0.5% Vitamin E (including low alpha tocopherols): 2% Approved for cosmetics; don’t use ROE in lip products due to danger of ingestion.

Botanical additives (including clays, seeds, scrubs and plant parts): Amount as desired. Approved for cosmetics; don’t use in lip products due to danger of ingestion.

Cosmetic colors: As desired, but bubbles should always be white, and lotion should be white when rubbed into skin without leaving coloring behind.

Cosmetic waxes –Emulsifying wax –up to 15%. Stearic acid up to 3%. Beeswax and candelilla wax –as desired, depending on product being manufactured.

Fixed oils and butters –Add as desired to CP soap (include in SAP calculations) and MP soap (up to 3-5%. If your finished soap is soft to the touch or excessively slippery, you’ve added too much.

Flavor oils/sweeteners: 1% in leave-on lip products such as balms and glosses. If it tastes bitter, you have used too much

Fragrance oil: 2-3% in both melt and pour and cold process soaps. 1% in liquid soaps.

7% in bath oils

1% in massage oils, lotions and other “leave on” skincare products

Moisturizing additives: Aloe Vera: 1%. All others up to 3-4%. Approved for cosmetics; don’t use in lip products due to risk of ingestion

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