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Ten Top Crafting Tips from Camden Grey's Contest

10. Mary J – “Have fun and don’t take it too seriously”

9. Kristine S – “I always soap at low temperatures for better control when creating my healthy, beautiful soaps.”

8. Joy J – “After your soaps are cured rub and rinse them in warm water and dry to give them a glossy finish. They will also lather up nicely on first use.”

7. Jessica M – “My soaping tip is ‘keep at it’. Clean up may not be fun, and customers may come and go, but you know you have a great product, so why should you quit? Do it for yourself – use the products you make. You’ll never go back to using anything else!”

6. Maureen R – “Do what you love! Love what you do! For me gardening led me to beekeeping which led me to soap making as I use my beeswax and honey to make my products! You never know where life will lead you! Enjoy the journey!”

5. Janie H – “Always have a spare mold available to scoop extra soap into when you’re cleaning out your soap pitchers, or have made a bit too much for your project. “

4. Brenda T – “When soaping with milk, I’ve tried all the tricks. What works best for me so I always come out with a white soap- use water equal to my lye amount & cool; add remaining amount of needed milk. Also, remember, there is room for all! Successful people lend a helping hand, never try keeping others below them. “

3. Meghan W – “Don’t be afraid to fail. So much trial and error is involved with soap making. For most of us without a chemistry degree, it’s never going to be a perfect science! Try new things, experiment, make hypotheses and assumptions. Some of the most successful recipes come from miserable failures and mistakes! (After all, this is how many important scientific discoveries are made!) Oh and write down everything. Good documentation is key to not making the same mistakes twice!”

2. Donald T – “Add fresh mint leaves to rosemary-mint soap at trace for a deliciously minty green soap with no artificial colorants!”

1. Kathie K – “Try new combinations of oils, be daring and create your own inventions!”

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