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Weekly Miracle Mask

This is a simple but effective recipe that acts as a gentle (and natural!) skin scrub and cleanser. One of the beautiful things about this recipe is that you can store it for an extended period and it doesn't require a preservative.

The reason that you can do this is that it also doesn't contain any liquid (which would grow bacteria over time). Instead, it is a dry recipe which you mix with water immediately before use. (Make sure to discard any mixed, unused portion of the recipe after your weekly beauty treatment).


2 cups white clay

1 cup finely ground oats

1/4 cup finely ground almonds

1/8 cup finely ground lavender

1/8 cup finely ground rose petals or lavender buds

Combine and store in airtight container, such as white plastic single or double walled cosmetic jars. To use, mix 1-2 Tablespoons with water, stir into a paste and massage into skin.

Leave on for a minute or two, then gently rinse off. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and toned. :->

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