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What is Baobab Oil?

Baobab Oil


Baobab oil is obtained from the seeds of the Adansoniatree. Adansoniagrandidieri, sometimes known as Grandidier’sbaobab, is the biggest and most famous of Madagascar’s six species of baobabs. This imposing and unusualtreeis endemic to the island of Madagascar, and it is often called the upside down tree because it looks as though it is growing roots upwards.

Baobab oil comes from seeds of the fruits of any of the 9 species of Adansoniaon the planet. Baobab oil is quite viscous, with a rich, silky feel and a mild aroma. It is an excellent moisturizer and ideal for numerous cosmetic applications. It is one of the few oils which is added in its raw state in cosmetic products.

The oil is usually obtained from the seeds of the baobab tree via cold pressing. This is the best in terms of conserving nutrients and preventing contamination of oil with unwanted chemicals. However, unrefined baobab oil may not be used as a cooking oil because of the presence of certain compounds which are toxic for human consumption.

Because of its high concentration of omega fatty acids, baobab oil is believed to be anti-inflammatory and also to promote rejuvenation of skin cells. Many people like to use it as a home remedy for stretch marks, as a massage oil, hair conditioner, nail and skin lotion, and even on chapped lips. Baobab oil has a strong resistance to rancidity. It should however be kept away from light. It has a good shelf life of up to 3 years when kept tightly sealed in a cool, dark location.

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