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Melt & Pour Bases

"Cut the soap base into 1 or 2 inch pieces. Use an uncovered double-boiler to melt M&P soap base. You may also use the microwave and put the base in a microwave-safe glass container. Try not to stir too much, you will introduce air bubbles into the base. Do not add water!

Once melted add colorant or mica, stir well.

Once the base starts to cool and thicken slightly, you may add other additives, such as herbs, so they can be suspended in the base. Stir gently with a chopstick or similar implement to prevent a skin from forming on the surface. If you wish to add nutritives, add them now and stir well. Some nutritives are vit. E, beeswax, cocoa butter and other butters. Be sure to melt solids such as beeswax and cocoa butter separately before adding to the base. Use up to 1 tablespoon per pound of soap base.

Add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of fragrance or essential oil per pound (16 ounces) of soap base. Adding more is not always recommended, doing so could damage your plastic molds or could cause skin irritation.

Pour into soap molds, immediately spritz with clear, rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles from forming. Unmold after the base has hardened.

Some soapmakers and websites recommend that M&P soap base be put in the freezer to speed up the setting or hardening process; however, many others recommend against this to prevent beading or sweating of the bars. This is called glycerin dew. Another method of preventing glycerin dew is to promptly and tightly wrap your finished soap in plastic to keep the soap from the outside air. Always keep a bar of glycerin soap dry and in a well-drained soap dish.

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