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Lavender Buds & Resins (Dispensed by Net Weight)

In this category we offer a Lavender buds of the highest quality as well as Frankincense tears. By clicking on each product below you will obtain more information.Click here to view information about natural colorants that will yield different colored tones in your product

Infestation Policy: Insect infestation may affect any natural material but, most of all, plant material. How many of you have not experienced opening your kitchen cupboard to find tiny insects crawling or flying around? The insects originated from your herbs, spices, flour, beans and other pantry staples. You may experience the same thing with herbs purchased from us or from any other vendor.

Our warehouse is fully air conditioned 24/7. At the time an herb leaves our warehouse it is completely free of live insects and parasitic activity. However, this does not mean the herb will stay pest free in the future. Please store the herb properly and, if minor insect infestation is found, freeze the herb immediately at a temperature of 10-30 degrees (F) for at least a week. You need to do this the moment you find the first sign of infestation, if you wait too long you may not be able to take care of the infestation properly and you will have to discard the plant material.

We will offer a refund for plant material which is found to contain pests within 45 days of a purchase which was delivered to a contiguous U.S. address. Any items infested after this time become the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Refunds cover only the price the customer paid for the product, we will not be liable for any other expenses incurred as a result of an infestation.

Deliveries outside the contiguous U.S., deliveries to freight forwarders/shipping companies and to U.S. third parties who will deliver the purchase to a buyer located outside the contiguous U.S. are not covered under the terms offered in the above paragraph.

Proper Storage: (1) keep cool and dry in airtight jars (2) keep away from direct light and sun (3) keep away from stove/range.

Refund due to infestations: You must send for our review 2 oz. of the plant material, including the insects, in a well-sealed jar. Please do not mail the sample inside a paper or plastic bag, those samples will be promptly discarded. If you want us to look at the sample, it must be packed inside a sealed jar. Our mailing information appears in the Contact Us section of our site. Please mail via non-refundable First Class Mail. Please include with the parcel an explanation and your contact information.

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