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Milky Way Soap Molds

We’ve done our best to provide images from the Milky Way site in order to assist our customers in making a purchasing decision. If there are any images that you find are not to your liking because you’d like to see a more detailed image and a certain MW image on our site perhaps is not very detailed, you’re welcome to visit the Milky Way site, locate the mold and view the original image:

Camden-Grey is a one-stop shop for buying high quality and competitively-priced soap making supplies online, lye for soaps (sodium hydroxide), lye for soap making, cocoa butter online, essential oils such as lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil, fixed oils such as almond and grapeseed, soap molds and fragrance oils for soaps online.

It’s impossible to list here all the raw materials we offer, we’ll just mention the various categories and sub-categories: antioxidants and preservatives, unscented lotion bases, unscented soap bases, essential oils, exfoliants, glycerin, aloe, humectants, emollients, lanolin, menthol crystals, carrier oils, fixed oils, clays, herbs, micas, chlorophyllin, salts, sugars, solubilizers, thickeners, soap molds, scales, pH strips and kitchen gadgets for making soap. We offer over 1200 products.