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Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil
    Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil
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    Phthalate free. This FO smells so good ...very realistic! Think warm pumpkin filling with warm cinnamon, clove and anise, then sweetened with creamy vanilla and sugary caramel.....baked to perfection in a flaky crust--comforting, nice, strong. Top notes: anise, cherry. Middle notes: cinnamon, clove, pumpkin. Base notes: creamy vanilla, caramel. Recent research shows that men found the aroma of Pumpkin Pie extremely sensual. Our tester reports:

    In CP, colored soap tan to brown. HP was fine, mostly white. MP came out the colour of lemonade.

    Flash Point: >200F. Can only ship via Ground, cannot ship to a freight forwarder, cannot ship by us outside the U.S., UN #3082, Class 9, Packing Group III.

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
    This pumpkin pie is very soft and pretty. It's has more pumpkin scent than similar fragrance oils I have tried from other stores in the past. It's just spicy enough to make you feel all warm when you smell it, and it'll put you right in the holiday spirit. I make one of my favorite perfumes with it. Great product.
    Nine and warm
    I used 2 ounces in a 31 ounce batch of CP soap and gelled. My recipe included about 8% red palm butter, which gave the soap a golden orange color already and after it gelled and cooled, it's a beautiful cooked pumpkin color because of the butter and the slight discoloration from the FO. I added that FO after emulsification and had lots of time before trace, even with a good amount of stirring. It traced perhaps slightly ahead of my unscented portion, but not by much. The scent is nice and warm and pumpkin pie like, not too spicy, but I will add more next time because the scent doesn't seem terribly strong to me, and I like more strongly scented soap. Personal preference. I would say this amount in this size batch gives a nice light to medium scent. Very nice. WE'll see if the men clamor about this one!
    I have been looking for the perfect pumpkin spice scent to make candles and oil diffusers from and I finally found it! This scent is warm and reminds me of a fresh baked pumpkin pie. Just perfect!
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    Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil
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